What is it?

A management software to streamline and ease everyday tasks in educational institutions

What it does?

Reduces the time spent on manual tedious and repetitive tasks and errors and mistakes as well

Who is for?

Minerva aims to help the staff of educational environments like schools, training centres or universities

Open to customisation based on the needs of its users
Available in three different languages, English, Malay and Mandarin for the ease of use
Intuitive Design
Every aspect of Minerva is studied to free the user from fighting against a convoluted and clunky interface
Data Migration
Migrate your existing data into our system is possible!

Timetable Module

Displays all departments' existing active programmes for any day

Insertion of the new classes for the current week or for the whole course duration

Continuously checking for lesson clashing while the lesson data is being defined

Project Module

Handled by users with the project leadership trait

Project creation with the definition likes milestones, funds and objectives

Project/task evaluation to be given from participants and project leaders

Minerva Web Platform

Our system has been developed to be completely aware of changes, anywhere they may happen, and notify the people working on the same data

Faster inter-department operations

Information can be searched easily

More detailed report

Data protection

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